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Safety and Compliance

Safety at Driver is not just policies, procedures & regulations, it is our culture beginning with management all the way down to each crew member. We believe that the value of our employees lives are worth far more than any profits we could achieve by foregoing safety processes.


• Meticulous management and excellent record with national safety databases such as ISNetworld, BROWZ, and Veriforce
• Committed culture of safety for the individual, both employee and customer, throughout the entire organization lead by top management
• Successful completion of many health and safety awareness programs such as PEC/Safeland, OSHA, and many other customer proprietary safety initiatives
• Consistent and aggressive behavior based safety environment through the adoption of a written safety program manual with a comprehensive system of policies, procedures, guidelines, and practices for performing work safely
• Proactive engagement of regular organization-wide communication on health and safety topics
• Concentrated effort to eliminate hazards and dangerous conditions by correcting unsafe behavior through positive coaching and field observations