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Inspection Services

Driver provides inspection services in three major fields of construction. SWPPP inspections (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan). Civil Inspection and Environmental Inspection. Our team of Certified Inspectors lead the way in experience and dedication.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) SERVICES :

• PLAN DESIGN: SWPPP Design, Mapping, KMZ Files
• INSPECTIONS: Best Management Practice (BMP) Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly
• INSTALLATION: Implementation and maintenance of BMP’s (Sediment Fence, Sediment Sock, Check Dams, Earth Berms, Geotextiles ect..)
• SEEDING: Native and Introduced grasses for short term and long term stabilization
• HYDRMULCHING: ProGanics, Biotic Soils / Environment rehabilitation and erosion control solutions

Civil Inspection Services

• Provide Quality Assurance
• Review Construction Plans: (For compliance with Engineers specifications)
• Inspection of Concrete for placement (Slump, Air, Temperature)
• Inspection of Rebar Cages and Bolt Cages (Proper size and count)
• Inspection of Drilled Pier (Proper Depth and Diameter)
• Inspection of Forms (Proper Size Level and Reveal)
• Reports and Spread Sheets

Environmental Inspection Services

Coordinate with State, Federal and local agencies to Promote Environmental Awareness.
• Educate and train all parties involved in the construction of transmission lines where BLM and State lands are involved.
• Protect the Right of Way and Public Lands.
• 1-Water Resource Protection
• 2-Biological Protected Areas
• 3-Monitor Sensitive Cultural Resource Sites
• Daily Reports concerning activity on ROW.